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SERN General Assembly 2016



19/21 May 2016


REN - Rural Europe Network

Borgo Val di Taro, Italy

REN is a European project co-funded by the Europe For Citizens programme focusing on strengthening employment in rural areas. The final event will take place in Borgo Val di Taro, Italy from 18th to 22nd April 2016.



When energy counts


SERN brings environmental education to schools - 12 municipalities and 16 schools involved



Mobility in Elderly Care


Job shadowing and structured course in case management for elderly care staff



Enhancing Quality in Early Childhood Education and Care


Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership. Pre-school teachers from Italy, Sweden, Latvia, Belgium and Slovenia participating in jobshadowing from October 2015 to February 2016.


Sweden Emilia Romagna Network

SERN is the result of a long-term process of cooperation and exchange between Italian and Swedish actors. Our objective is to increase cooperation among the members of the network, between Italy and Sweden

and, more in general, the North and South of the European Union to foster active participation of citizens in the process of European integration through processes of cooperation

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A welcome message from the SERN Chair Eva Andersson.


Municipalities and regions are the way forward.

The number of the activities that have been unfolding in SERN are the most evident proof that our network can be an effective tool of transnational cooperation. We shall therefore exploit it as much as possible in order to make it possible for our communities to benefit and valorise the products and results of our exchange.

We shall look at the future with a renewed enthusiasm and at the same time we shall look back being proud of what we have been able to achieve and build together in these past few years.

Eva Andersson

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