General Assembly 2013

General Assembly 2013

SERN General Assembly 2013 in Scandiano

The SERN General Assembly 2013 was hosted by the municipality of Scandiano. Several activities have been scheduled for the occasion from thursday 11th to saturday 13th of April. More than 110 persons during the three-days event participated to the valorization seminars arranged to present the latest activities carried out. Furthermore, a contact-making session gave members the possibility of sharing ideas for new projects. During the General Assembly 2013 the first dissemination seminar on the Covenant of Mayors took place since SERN became a support organization of the covenant.

Valorization workshop
Two thematic workshops have been arranged to deepen and share the results of the projects carried out by the members and identify opportunities for a transfer or further exploitation of their outcomes. the topics of the workshops were:

1 – New Skills for the social and health sectors
The seminar has been an opportunity to share the results of the European Projects regarding new training and skills required for professionals working in the healthcare sector. The thematic networks ELCANET (family support for the policies of elder care); SKILLS (New skills in the healthcare sector) and the Leonardo Transfer of Innovation PIECES (innovative learning models on the workplace) were the projects presented during the seminar.

  • Project Pieces: Mats Eriksson part 1 – part 2 (Municipality of Linkoping) e Giacomo Magnanini (Province of Parma);
  • Project Elcanet: Nicoletta Mestieri (Unione Terre Verdiane); Silvia Ceccarelli (Municipality of Ravenna);
  • Project Skills: Inga-Lill Felizia (Municipality of Norrköping).

2 – Planning and management skills in EU projects
The main objective of the seminar was to socialize and introduce innovative elements emerged from the capacity building projects (PLANET, EU NET), with particular regard to management and political commitment in European projects. The seminar has been an occasion for exchanging experiences with a view to future training projects and with the intent to support the members in their networking activities.

  • Gabriele Diviso and Nicola Catellani (SERN)
  • Silvia Scaffardi (Municipality of Traversetolo)

3 – Seminar on Quality in Early Childhood education and Care (ECEC)
The seminar addressed the theme of quality of ECEC, starting off from the ongoing evaluation activities in Emilia Romagna that is involving all the pre-school services of the region. The discussion focused on the importance of the European dimension of quality and recalling the results of the projects carried out in the network about this topic (Quality cities, the pre-school staff exchange and CREANET).

  • Ilaria Mussini (Municipality of Scandiano)
  • Christian Fabbi (Pedagogical coordinator, province of Reggio Emilia)
  • Nicola Catellani (SERN)
  • Nelson Santa Eufemia (Municipality of Norrköping)

Covenant of Mayors Dissemination Seminar
In accordance to the participation of SERN in the Covenant of Mayors as a supporting organization, a specific seminar has been arranged. The seminar aimed to present the Covenant and to promote the exchange of practices on the implementation of the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) starting from the experiences of some members of the network.

  • Alessandro Rossi (ANCI Emilia-Romagna);
  • Francesca Ravaioli (Municipality of Forlì);
  • Claudio Nemorini (Municipality of Collecchio and union of municipalities Pedemontana Parmense);
  • Johan Andersson (Municipality of Trollhättan)

General Assembly 2013 session

  1. Call to order and opening of the Session
  2. Approval of the minutes of the 2012 session
  3. SERN Annual Report 2013
  4. Financial Report 2012 and Report of the Board of Auditors
  5. SERN Strategic Plan 2015
  6. Election of the SERN Executive Board 2013-2015
  7. Election of the Board of Auditors 2013-2015
  8. Venue of the 2014 Session
  9. Adjournment and Closing of the Session

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