General Assembly 2018

General Assembly 2018

The 2018 SERN General Assembly took place in Linköping from the 17th to the 19th of May.

THURSDAY 17th MAY 2018

Hotel Scandic City Frimurare, Sankt Larsgatan 14, Linköping

8.00                     Registration opens
9.00                    Opening of the GA 2018 (St Lars Room)

9.15-12.00         Seminar 1 – Migration and inclusion

Seminar 1 – Migration and inclusion (Five 20-minute-long seminars in parallel and a follow up seminar in each room at 11.40

1.Drivbänk- a green initiative for education and inclusion – Saturnus Room
Linköping municipality and the Coordination Association of Central Östergötland, Department of Labour market &Integration – Speakers: Mathias Bergström, Helen Paulsson – Chair: Jakob Björneke

2.INTED Integration through education and information – Uranus Room
Unione Val d’Enza and Linkoping Municipality – Elisabetta Zen, Mats Mikiver – Chair: Norberto Vignali

3.SIDEIS Educational Contexts fostering inclusion – Tellus Room
Linköping Municipality Speakers: Cecilia Björklund, Mats Fahlén – Chair: Paola Guerzoni

4.Education processes – and Prevention of Early School Drop outs – Pluto Room
Trollhättan Municipality/Innovatum – Speaker: Martin Wänblom, Kajsa Berg – Chair: Esther O’Hara

5.IT- Guide, inclusion project – Månen Room
Motala Municipality – Speaker: Gunilla Lundberg – Chair: Elias Georges

10.30-11.00      Coffee Break

12.15-13.15        Lunch

13.15-14.45       Seminar 2 – Project development and implementation in  SERN – St. Lars

  The process overview on PCM methodology, SERN Secretariat

   Presentation of ongoing projects in SERN: EVOLAQ, BAGS4YOUTH.                 


14.45-15.00      Coffee  break

15.00-17.00       Study visits integration and inclusion

A) Drivbänk, Vreta Kluster education for people seeking work in green sector especially cultivation. and Göta Canal                            
B) Adjunkten, Reception unit of the Municipality for pupils with a foreign background
C) Vallastaden – The future way of building, housing and living, Sweden’s biggest urban living expo followed by a visit to Vallastadens skola grade 4-6 and classes with children with special needs

16.00-18.00       Meeting Board of Auditors – Neptunus Room

19.30                   Dinner at the hotel

The presence of Italian migrant workers at Saab in Linköping between 1951-1958
Presentation made by Mr. Lars Danielsson



FRIDAY 18th MAY 2018

Hotel Scandic City Frimurare

8.45-9.30           Seminar 3 – Peer review methodology – St Lars Room

9.30-10.30         Networking Café – Hotel Lobby

10.30-12.30       Seminar 4 – Promotion of Cultural Heritage and local development (Three 20-minute-long seminars in parallel and a follow up seminar in each room at 11.45)

1. The role of Museums Network in the Preservation and Promotion of Cultural and Landscape Heritage
Tellus Room
Parma Municipality – Speaker: Dario Naddeo
Chair: Paolo Bianchi – Parma Province

2. Cultural heritage and Arts in the digital era – Pluto Room
Linköping municipality – Speakers Tina Karlsson, Lars Ove Östensson.
Region Östergötland – Petra Nordin Carlsson
Chair: Cecilia Gyllenberg Bergfasth

3.  How our local food culture and cultural heritage can contribute to regional development – Månen Room
Region Östergötland – Speakers Susanne Fredriksson Chair: Julie Tran

12.30-13.45       Lunch

13.45-17.00      Seminar 5 – Challenges ahead in the care sector (Three 20-minute-long seminars in parallel and a  a follow-up seminar in each room at 14.45)

  1. “My best moments” Digital Living Report – How can new technologies contribute to a more person-centered care of the people affected by dementia – Pluto Room
    Linköping Municipality – Speaker: Kerstin Angvik – Chair: Päivi Johansson
  2. Montessori method applied to elderly care – Uranus Room
    Asp Ad Personam Parma – Speaker: Stefania Miodini– Chair: Marcello Mendogni
  3. Recruiting immigrants and other unemployed to the Care sector – Månen Room
    Linköping Municipality – Speakers: Malin Robertsson, Mats Ericsson – Chair: Jakob Björneke

Study visits related to culture elderly care and dementia
A) Sandrinoparken – Lärcenter (Elderly Care)
B)  Gamla Linköping, open air museum

16.00-17.30      SERN Executive Board – Tellus Room

18.00-19.30      Reception at Linköping Castle, hosted by Governor Elisabeth Nilsson

19.30                 Official Dinner at Scandic Linköping City


SATURDAY 19th MAY 2018

Linköping City Hall/Stadshuset Storgatan 43

9.00                  Registration
9.30-12.00      General Assembly 2018 at Linköping City hall
12.00                Lunch
13:30                Exploring Linköping and surroundings, Guided tour and coffee

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