General Assembly 2017

General Assembly 2017

SERN General Assembly 2017 in Forlì

The SERN General Assembly 2017 will take place in the Municipality of Forlì form the18th to the 20th of May.

Thursday 18th May

Seminar 1 – Project Cycle Management (9.00 – 10.30)
The seminar aimed at providing an overview of the methodology used within the network to develop projects according to a step-by-step approach based on project cycle management. Issues addressed included how to develop a project idea in the project cycle phases of indicative programming and identification.

  • Nicola Catellani – SERN

Seminar 2 – Project presentations, Open Space Session (10.30-12.30)
An opportunity to make short presentations of ongoing EU projects, local projects, current challenges or innovative experiences in one of the five priority areas of the SERN strategy. Possibility of discussion/questions after the presentation in small groups.

  • Pascal Tshibanda (Falköping Municipality) – Using narratives, moving imagery and social media to resist xenophobia and bridge the gap between native Swedes and refugees.
  • Arianna Boni (Cervia Municipality) The result of the MOBEC project the results of EU projects in the local social services
  • Rita Silimbani (Forlì Municipality) – Building Actions of Guidance Services for Youth Employment Network
  • Patrik Dokken (Vänersborg Municipality) – Upscaling 50/50 to Energy practitioners project
  • Francesca Bacchiocchi and Fabrizio Chinaglia (Forlì Municipality) – Best practices in the field of energy and environment the Fiesta project

Seminar 3 – Multilingualism in education (14.00-15.15)
As a result of recent migration waves pre-schools and schools have been experiencing the emergence an increasingly multicultural setting. This has posed a number of challenges in terms of organization and learning context. Examples and practice connected to multilingualism as a possible resource to meet the challenges of integration and, more in general, to success in education will be at the center of the seminar.

  • Barbara Visani, “Who speaks more languages, lives more lives. Experiences of Multilingualism in the Children’s Schools of Ravenna”, Municipality of Ravenna
  • Jilda Sürüp, Norrköping Municipality

Seminar 4 – Enhancing Quality in Early Childhood Education and Care through Participation (15.30-17.30)
Quality in ECEC is the result a variety of elements. International research shows that the parents’ participation is an essential element as it involves elements pertaining communication, mutual learning (for staff and parents), involvement and partnership with the community. Starting off from the results of the EQUAP project the seminar will bring together experiences of participation of families in ECEC from different members of the network

  • Massimo Marcuccio and Vesna Balzani (University of Bologna and Municipality of Forlì) – The Equap project (
  • Laura Borghi (Unione Terre D’argine) – Practices about participation
  • Daniele Chitti (Imola Municipality) – Practices about participation
  • Yvonne Larsen and Marie Stråhlin, (Motala Municipality) – Practices about participation

Study visit to “Ferretti Group” (luxury yacht building) (15.00-16.30)

Friday 19th May

Seminar 5 – Territorial Marketing and place branding (10.00-12.00)
The seminar will present the best practices in relation to effective ways through which promoting and branding a specific territory starting off from the valorization of the different assets.

  • Erica Mattson (Swedish Lapland), Territorial marketing and the case of Swedish Lapland
  • Giacomo Pini – A case history of place branding in Italy
  • Renée Daun (Tillväxt Norra Bohuslän), Territorial Marketing in North Bohuslän
  • Monica Fantini (Forlì Municipality) – Territorial marketing strategy in the Romagna, the area of wellbeing
  • Susanne Fredriksson (Visit Östergötland), Territorial marketing strategies of the Region Östergötland
  • Gabriele Righi (Municipality of Parma) – City branding: Parma as Unesco Creative City of Gastronomy (tbc)

Seminar 6 – Migrants and local communities (16.00-17.30)
The presence of a wide variety of communities from different non-EU countries in our cities and municipalities has been raising needs of new and, more articulated and effective ways of bringing about a successful integration. Which strategies and tools should be developed to increase knowledge about these groups in the local community. The seminar will be an opportunity to share experiences, practices and policies around this theme.

  • Lisa Knutsen (Trollhättan Municipality) – The double cup project
  • Katarina Andersson (Falköping Municipality) – Vocational training of assistant nurses and bus drivers, with an extended language curriculum for immigrants
  • Annalia Guglielmi (Imola Municipality) The project Imola Cultures

Saturday 20th May

SERN General Assembly (9.30-12.00)
Order of Business of the SERN General Assembly

  1. Call to order
  2. Opening of the Session and approval of the order of business
  3. Approval of the minutes of the 2016 session
  4. SERN Annual Report 2016
  5. Financial Report 2016
  6. Report of the Board of Auditors
  7. Budget Proposal 2017
  8. Communication Strategy 2017-2019
  9. Election of the members of the SERN Executive Board 2017-2019
  10. Election of the members of the Board of Auditors 2017-2019
  11. Venue of the 2018 Session
  12. Adjournment and Closing of the Session

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