Assemblea Generale 2019

Assemblea Generale 2019



Corte di Giarola, Strada Giarola 9 – Collecchio
Shuttle bus from Hotel Campus to Corte di Giarola at 8.45 and at 9.00

8.30-9.15              Registration opens

9.20                          Opening of the GA 2019 – Agostino Maggiali, Parchi del Ducato and Nicola Catellani, SERN

9.30-12.30          Seminar session – Room 1 – first floor

9.40-10.30         Presentation on culture as a driver for local development: Parma Italian Capital of Culture 2020Gabriele Righi and Marco Giorgi, Parma Municipality

10.30-11.00      Coffee Break – Room 2

11.00-12.15      Future of the European Union – Combating Euroscepticism through the participation of citizens
Marco Baldassari, European College Foundation
The Swedish perspective – Pascal Tshibanda, Municipality of Vänersborg

12.15-13.45       Lunch


13.45-15.30       Seminar on project results in the field of Education and Learning developed in the SERN Network

– Room 1


Theme: Improving the School Curriculum

                                    – Mare project – Francesca Cilloni and Roberto Rossi, Liceo Scientifico “A. Moro” Reggio Emilia

– Demeter project – Claudia Fredella, Bicocca University and Francesca Di Febo, Municipality of Vänersborg

Theme: Outdoor education in pre-schools

– Dehors project – Yvonne Larsen and Marie Stråhlin, Municipality of Motala
– SiaProd project  – Daniele Chitti, Municipality of Imola


15.45-17.30        Study visits

Option 1: to Vislab  – company for the development of machine vision algorithms for automation field

Option 2: Visit to Sidel company – packaging design for solutions and services for beverage, food, home and personal care

15.00-16.00        Staff of the SERN Secretariat is available for meeting with members – Room 4

16.00-18.00       Meeting Board of Auditors – Room 4

19.00                       Departure by bus to Sala Baganza from Campus Hotel
20.00                      Dinner – Il Palazzo restaurant


Corte di Giarola, Strada Giarola 9 – Collecchio
Shuttle bus from Hotel Campus to Corte di Giarola at 8.45 and at 9.00

9.00-9.30           Registrations

9.30-10.30          Seminar on the results of the first experiences of peer review within the SERN Network in the field of ECEC – Room 1

– Focus on pre-school education services.

The experience of Forlì – Patrizia Zanobi, Forlì Municipality

The experience of Motala – Carina Berger Svensson and Carina Ekholm, Motala Municipality

– Focus on Outdoor Education – Mariangela Leni and Benedetta Gazza, Union of Municipalities Val d’Enza

10.15-11.30        Partnering Cafè – Arcade

                           Project ideas presented:

– Sport as a tool for social inclusion (Consorzio Icaro)

– Eco-Museum (Consorzio Icaro)

– TAKE PART – integrate migrants and refugees in the local communities (Consorzio Icaro)

– Work based learning abroad for schools, training centers and public authorities (Uniser)

– Mobiliteach Summer School: a new edition? (Uniser)

– Digitalization in school and care (Ale Kommun)

– The influence of young people in society (Ale Kommun)

– Cultural heritage for social sustainability (Ale Kommun)

– Agriculture and local sustainable development (Comune di Imola)

10.30-11.00        Coffee break – Room 2

10.45-11.45       Seminar on project results developed in the SERN Network – Theme: Inclusion of migrants and refugees – Room 1

– Dekolla project – Livio Benedetto, City of Trollhättan

– WIR project – Pascal Tshibanda, Vänersborg Municipality

– Backpack ID project  – Nicola Catellani, SERN and Simone Mazza, Guatelli School


11.45-12.30       Seminar on project results developed in the SERN Network – Theme: Welfare and elderly care – Room 1

– Demetra project – Stefania Miodini and Domenico Sgromo, ASP Ad Personam

– Taking care learning: the role of occupational therapist – Laura Avanzi, Elisabetta Zen, SERN and Stefania Azzali, ASP Ad Personam

13.00-14.15        Lunch

Optional – from 13.15 to 14.15 guided visit to Pasta and Tomato Museums

13.30-14.30      Staff of the SERN Secretariat is available for meeting with members – Room 4

14.30-15.30      Seminar on digital infrastructure and local development – Room 1

Alfredo Peri, Lepida

Lars Svensson, Municipality of Vänersborg

14.00-15.00        Seminar on values within SERN presented by members of the Executive Board – Room 3 (Theater)


15.30-17.30        Study Visits:

Option 1: to the Museum “Ettore Guatelli” – museum for rural culture heritage

Option 2: Visit to wine Museum and Castle in Sala Baganza

15.30-17.30        SERN Executive Board meeting – Room 1

19.00                      Departure from Hotel Campus to Magnani Rocca Foundation in Traversetolo

20.00                   SERN GA 2019 Official Dinner at Magnani Rocca

Corte di Giarola, Strada Giarola 9 – Collecchio

Shuttle bus from Hotel Campus to Corte di Giarola at 8.45 and 9.00

9.00                          Registrations

9.30-12.00           General Assembly 2019

Back to Collecchio by bus

12.00                       Lunch at Melograno restaurant
13:30-14.30       SERN Executive Board meeting – Hotel Campus

Departure of the delegations


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