Project Planning Process

Project Planning Process

Following the decision of the SERN Executive Board in late November 2017, the process throgh which project proposals will be developed in the framework of SERN has been changed.

There are two ways through which SERN members can develop projects within the network.

1 – Following the adoption of the SERN strategy 2013-2015, the network has introduced a methodology for a step by step project development process based on “project cycle management”.

2- Structured project proposals (i.e. project proposals which include key elements) to be circulated within the network

As from January 2018, new proposals in SERN will be collected ONLY in three specific moments during the year:

FIRST SLOT 15 January-15 February
SECOND SLOT 1 June – 30 June
THIRD SLOT 15 October – 15 November





Download here the full guidelines and the forms for the step-by-step proposals and the structured proposals.

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