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The project Brand-EU brings together municipalities willing to attract people and businesses. There is a general lack of knowledge especially in public authorities on communication skills, more attention should be given to present the cities as a system, as well as mapping the resources that they have to offer.  Starting from these considerations the participating municipalities have acknowledged that civil servants needs to be equipped with competences on place branding strategies in order to boost the attractiveness of the local areas.


The general objective of the project is raise the attractiveness of European cities through the exchange of best practices on the place branding strategies designed and implemented by Municipalities in collaboration with stakeholders in order to create more favourable condition for local development. In order to achieve the general objective above the projects will aim at:
1. Developing place branding skills in the staff of municipalities and local stakeholders
2. Increasing the collaboration between municipalities and local actors for common place branding strategies
3. Creating more training opportunities for municipalities and local actors' staff at transnational level.

the target groups involved in the activities during and after the project will be: civil servants; political representatives; and local actors, including SMEs, category associations, chamber of commerce, associations for the promotion of the territory etc.


ACTIVITIES: The project activities will be implemented at two levels At transnational level:

- 4 coordination meetings: 1 kick off, 2 intermediate, and 1 final conference;
- 3 trainings on place branding for civil servants and staff of local stakeholders (SMEs, associations other public authorities ecc) on the following themes:
- Introduction to place branding and marketing;
- How to attract citizens and business in our municipalities;
- Promotion of  tourism;
- Peer review of the services in the participating municipalities.

At local level the partners will define their Place Branding Strategies on the basis of the skills acquired through the activities at transnational level. This process foresees a strong involvement of stakeholders in order to build local network of cooperation aimed at raising the attractiveness of the participating European cities.


Brand-Eu will create training opportunities to re-skill the staff of public authorities and develop strategies that have an impact on local development (like in this case place branding strategy). In the long run, the tight collaboration between municipalities and stakeholders will increase the attractiveness of the cities involved, and create more appealing conditions for citizens and businesses to settle.

Project results/Products

Available the presentations made by Per Ekman on the Branding places from the First Seminar of the Project and on Place Branding & Business Attraction from the Second Seminar.




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