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Eunet has been an EU poject co-financed by the Europe for Citizens programme (Action1 – Measure 1.2 Networks of Twinned Towns). This project was the result of two main common needs of the partners: a) to share experiences on how to promote and develop effectively their international relations and town twinning activities; b) To improve and increase the involvement (quantitatively and qualitatively) of local civil society actors in EU/international affairs. Starting off from these two needs the general objective of the project has been to create a long-term transnational network aiming at creating a framework of the exchange of good practices on how to manage actively and fruitfully international relations and town twinning at regional and local level.


  1. To increase awareness among the political representatives and civil servants about the importance of international relations in the EU and town twinning.
  2. To strengthen the active involvement of civil society actors in international activities.
  3. To provide opportunities for the involved participants to create new projects.
  4. Improve the quality of policy making at local level through international synergies.


Coordination meeting
Reggio Emilia (IT)
7/9 February 2012

First Transnational meeting
Vänesborg (SE)
18/21 April 2012

Second Transnational meeting
La Coruña (SE)
11/14 December 2012

Third Transnational meeting
Scandiano (IT)
27/30 May 2013

Final meeting
Pforzheim (DE)
22/26 October 2013


The project involved 260 participants, 14 partners from 6 partner countries. The project milestones consisted of 3 transnational conferences, each addressing a specific target group and final conference. The target groups of the project were political representatives , top managers, officials of local/regional authorities and representatives of civil society including NGOs and town twinning committees. The transnational conferences provided a unique opportunity for decision-makers, civil servants and representatives of civil society organizations to reflect about why and how international relations are developed and carried out. The target group focus gave the possibility to discuss aspects which were tied to the needs and perspectives of actors with different roles and responsibilities. From the three conferences a number of elements were identified as key: Management, Commitment and Communication. They were recognized as driving aspects of the process and as a result of that in the final event the discussion was organized around these three themes.


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