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Flow4yu has been a european project submitted under the action 1.2 Network of Twinned towns of the Europe for Citizens programme. The initiative aimed to promote a better and constructive dialogue between young people and institutions and at improving on one hand the capacity of listening of public administrations, on the other hand the knowledge of public life and institutions among young people, as well as the democratic principles which are the basis of our society both at local and at European level. The project was born upon the observation that local authorities have difficulties in listening and communicating with young generations. There is a lack of channels, tools and methods to stimulate active involvement and participation of young people in the life of the community. In a broader sense this is valid also when we speak of active european citizenship. The project involved municipalities that had already taken action in the frame of youth policies (events, specific information centers, etc). Nevertheless they proved not to be able to “reach” young people in a concrete way and to involve them actively in these initiatives. On the other side, young people are more active in specific fields more than others, for example: using pc and high technologies, using ICT tools instead of traditional ones, etc. Starting from these common pre-conditions, the involved municipalities agreed in joining their efforts and cooperate to find solutions in this matter by means of this joint project. FLOW4YU therefore aims at establishing a thematic and long-lasting cooperation between towns, in the frame of youth policies and, particularly, at improving communication and relationships between young people and public authorities, both at local and European level.


  1. To promote an interactive and constructive dialogue between young people and public authorities at local and European level;
  2. To develop more attractive and inclusive communication channels, tools, methods and contents for young people;
  3. To promote a better knowledge of administrative systems and organization at local and European level;
  4. To promote a better knowledge of young people (language, needs, preferred communication tools, etc);
  5. To develop a sense of belonging of youngsters in the public institutions at local and European level;
  6. To promote an active participation in the civil society and public life;
  7. To promote entrepreneurship and life management / self management of youngsters


The project saw the participation of 375 participants (mostly young people) in the events, and over 1000 people reached through this project. The results have been an increase of knowledge and participation and sense of inclusion (positive expectations of what they will be offered) at the local, regional and European level. Possibility to continue dialogue with European peers. Possibility to influence those who are not so much involved or participating.

Public actors and civil society organisations:
Increase of knowledge of young people’s expectations. Increased knowledge and motivation for using different methodologies, tools and approaches to dialogue with young people.


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