Growing Up Together

September 2009 / June 2012

Growing Up Together


Growing Up Together was a partnership between East Sweden Region (Östsam) in Sweden and Region Emilia Romagna in Italy. This Comenius Regio project, funded under the LLP programme has been strategic in the development of integration and reception policies for newly arrived immigrant pupils in school. The partnership consisted of 2 coordination meetings, 2 transnational seminars, 2 study visits and a final dissemination/follow-up event. Through exchange of experience between schools and educational departments in different municipalities in the two regions a large number of practices has been identified aimed at facilitating the integration of immigrant pupils in primary and secondary schools. School systems and models for reception and integration of newly arrived immigrant pupils have been compared throughout the whole project.


  1. To identify and highlight existing good practices in order to improve the introduction of immigrant pupils in all school levels
  2. To experiment innovative methodologies aiming at easing learning and leading to educational success of the pupils
  3. To spread among all students an intercultural dimension aimed at civil coexistence
  4. To promote the national language learning of immigrant pupils
  5. To promote the creation of a bridge from school to work


Coordination meeting
27/29 September 2010
Linköping (SE)

First transnational meeting
23/25 November 2010
Bologna (IT)

First study visit
5/7 October 2011
Emilia Romagna Region (IT)

Second study visit
17/19 October 2011
East Sweden Region (SE)

Third study visit
31/1 June 2011
Emilia Romagna Region (IT)


Language learning has been one of the key elements that emerged from the project. The practices and the reflections emerged from the project have increased the knowledge and raised the awareness of the participants and their institutions about the centrality of national language learning as the main tool for an effective integration.

SWEDEN: The family-perspective has been discussed a lot in the project and in East Sweden/ Östergötland as a result from the study-visits. In schools in Emilia-Romagna they work a lot with the family perspective in the reception of newly arrived immigrant pupils and in different integration projects. A big potential for the integration in schools in East Sweden/Östergötland is to start working with the family perspective in the way they do in the Emilia-Romagna region

ITALY: As part of the project's activity, it was tested in three municipalities in the Emilia Romagna region (Bologna, Modena and Reggio Emilia) a working tool used in Sweden for mapping the competencies of foreign students newly arrived. The tool for teachers consists in a series of questions through which it is possible to understand the knowledge and skills of pupils and to develop an educational plan more in line with the level of the student


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