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European Network for a participated valorization of cultural heritage


PartHer is a 24-month-project involving 8 partners from 6 EU countries (Italy, Sweden, Germany, France, Spain and Croatia).
The general objective of the project is to contribute to the development of a participated approach to cultural heritage at European level. The Specific objectives are:
1. To foster the role of citizens in choosing the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of their territory,
increasing local communities self-confidence end empowerment.
2. To promote the role of museums as centres of awareness about cultural heritage fostering citizenship, as specified by ICOM Siena Charter on Museums and Cultural Landscapes.
3. To promote reflection and debate about a common (European) view of cultural heritage stemming from citizens’ perspective within the assistance of public administrations and museums.


The workplan foresees a set of activities that will involve more than 400 direct participants. In particular the partners will arrange:
• 2 coordination meetings
• 2 Seminars on two main focus areas on 1) tangible cultural heritage and 2) intangible cultural heritage
• Local participatory activities/processes in each country
• Inventories of local heritage co-constructed with the citizens and Mapping at local land European evel
• A final conference aimed at the Finalization of the maps.

During the second transnational meeting in Tours (February 2020), project partners representatives, reported on the development of the mapping process of tangible and intangible Heritage in their countries.

Presentations of the Partners


The impact in relation to the expected project results will be:
1. best practices and perspectives on the project theme exchanged
2. Increased participation of citizens and increased sense of common belonging to the EU
3. Mapping of European cultural heritage (local and European heritage maps) through a digital platform and tools capable of selecting, preserving and promoting cultural heritage assets valued by local communities. The platform will not only aim at sharing fragmented and disorganised local knowledge, but also at identifying clusters of cultural heritage communities of citizens wishing to pass the heritage on to future generations locally and in Europe.

Project results/Products

1. Increased participation of citizens and increased sense of common belonging to the EU.
2. Inventories and maps of European cultural Heritage.  The platform does not aim at sharing fragmented and disorganised local knowledge, but rather at identifying group of cultural resources that heritage communities wish to transmit to future generation.


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