What’s up in education

2016 / 2018

What’s up in education


What’s up in education: new models for future pre-school services” project is part of the Erasmus+ programme, that is the EU’s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe.

Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) Services and Programs represent an important context to promote children and family well-being and to prevent vulnerability.

In the last years European society has to cope with different challenges. These changes require to extend the access to ECEC services in order to accommodate a greater number of families, develop more inclusive and holistic educational services, able to intercept the different needs of different families and different type of users.

The 3 partners involved in the project represent examples of different Ecec government and organization services.

The job shadowing experience (one of the main activities) will enable the partners to share the best practices to transfer and experiment into their own communities.


We project has two specific objectives:

  1. To identify organizational solutions that improve ECEC services and contribute to increase access
  2. To improve Families and community participation in the life of pre-schools services

These goals can be more strongly pursued in the context of building reciprocal relationships among different ECEC services and models.

The project will facilitate knowledge exchanges among teachers, managers, coordinators and the larger community, in order to enhance intellectual, cultural, and social influence to improve young children’s developmental outcomes.

A European comparison will enrich our understanding of the role that higher level institutional governance play in promoting healthy child development: each country can differ substantially in their institutional histories in the ways in which they provide support to families and children.

For these reasons the “school to school” exchange is an opportunity to share different pedagogic and governance models, deepening the knowledge about each other’s practices and learning from them, and identify practices to be transferred or tested in the home context according to each partner characteristics.


At the end of the project the innovative Pre school organizational models will be identified and best Practices will be tested and implemented with teachers and families, this will in turn increase the competences in Pre school teachers. Therefore, what´s up in education is expected to produce ECEC services more in line to family and community needs

The project’s results will be absorbed by the integrated network of pre-scholar educational services which characterizes the territorial realities of the partnership. The network of pre-scholar services is asked to invest on increasing the quality, through well-integrated services based on a common vision of ECEC services.

If the benefits conferred by a high-quality ECEC are wide ranging (educational, social and economic), then all services that deal with care and education of children (such as libraries, entertainment centres, additional services…) must constantly meet and collaborate to redraw their identity and their characteristics.


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