Spotlight on project results

Spotlight on project results

The EQUAP Toolbox

The EQUAP (Enhancing Quality in ECEC through participation) toolbox is the product of a work that lasted three years between September 2014 and August 2017. The process has involved a partnership of 11 organizations from 7 EU countries (IT,SE,PT,SI,BE,LV,GR) and 45 stakeholders. The organizations involved in the partnership were: 3 pre-schools, 2 local authorities managing pre-schools, 1 teachers training organization, 2 universities, 2 research centers, 1 transnational networks of local and regional authorities.

This Toolbox intends to help keep the debate alive on processes, projects and participatory practices related to quality in the ECEC system. In the Toolbox you will not find replicable ready-made recipes, one-suits-all solutions, or a collection of participation best practices, but occasions to learn about experiences and participatory practices that can activate and support the work of educational groups in your pre-school with families and communities.

In fact, the tool can be used in several ways depending on experiences and contexts. However, we indicate three possible uses:

  • Firstly, the tool can be used to learn one or more of the fifteen practices described and to test it/them in your context; by adapting it/them through designing, re-contextualizing, monitoring and evaluating;
  • Secondly, the tool can suggest a specific “format”- articulated in the steps listed in the participation practices below – through which designing, analysing, building, redesigning and evaluating old and new participation practices in in your specific working context.
  • Thirdly, the tool can be used as an opportunity for reflection, discussion, and debate on participation issues both within a given ECEC service workgroup service and/or among services, families, policy makers and community members.

The online versone of the toolbox will be soon available at

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