Stefania Gambi
AICCRE Emilia-Romagna
Comune di Ravenna



Thank you Stefania Gambi, your registration has been received!
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  • How to use the SERN Members’ Area on Microsoft Teams
    Code: MEMB-AR
    Fees: free of charge
  • Planning – How to read a call for proposals
    Code: CFP
    Fees: free of charge
  • Planning – Project Cycle Management – Intro Indicative Programming
    Code: PCM-INTRO
    Fees: free of charge
  • Management – Preparation: from the notification of the results to the kick-off
    Code: MAN-NOT
    Fees: free of charge

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  • IBAN:  IT23 R020 0866 5120 0001 0372 945
  • BANK: Unicredit
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Parma, 02/14/2022