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Forlimpopoli is a lively town of Roman origin along the Via Emilia, between Rimini and Bologna. It counts 13.000 inhabitants mainly engaged in the fields of agriculture and craftsmanship, other than in the near-by factories of Forlì. The city, characterized by a large number of active associations, is twinned with the cities of Villeneuve-Loubet (in France) and Traun (in Austria). It also takes care of several international projects with the cities of Italian immigration both in Europe and in America.

Forlimpopoli boasts a national archaeological museum and a scenic nineteen-century theatre, its churches contain painting and sculpture masterpieces from Renaissance, but its most important cultural heritage is linked to the figure of Pellegrino Artusi, the renowned gastronome universally regarded as the father of the Italian cooking. A cultural centre of international importance, a popular annual festival, an international prize as well as many cultural projects and events, in collaboration with universities and other national institutions, are dedicated to him, in order to investigate, celebrate and disseminate his ethical principle of well-being, sustainability and hospitality through the culture of food.

The culture of sustainability is also promoted from the earliest age by means of the outdoor education which was introduced in the schools of Forlimpopoli for more than10 years and it is experienced by all the citizens in the daily life thanks to the number of cycling trails and the amplitude of green areas, which also include an urban forest and a refreshing natural oasis down the river Ronco.

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