The digital transformation brings benefits and opportunities for all citizens in the communities belonging to SERN. With the aim of leaving no one behind, digitalization is one of the six priorities of the European Commission, that aims at empowering and including citizens. In this context, the strategy “Shaping Europe’s Digital Future” is the roadmap that for the next five years will be driving the efforts of the EU towards three key objectives: a technology that works for people, a fair and competitive digital economy and an open, democratic and sustainable society.
As digitization pervades every aspect of daily life, EU-level actions for a digitalized Europe encompass different fields: from education through the Digital Education Action Plan, calling for a high-quality, inclusive and digital education, to the Digital EU Programme, that will invest in advanced digital skills and technology.
Within Digitalized Communities, SERN will focus on two main thematic areas: e-government and digital skills. These themes are deeply connected to each other, as on the one hand there is the need of developing a continuous work towards open and efficient public administrations, and on the other, digital skills education for all is a key to both implementing and taking advantage of digital innovation.

Digital Skills


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