Our Projects

The Network plays an important role as an accelerator of project-based cooperation among its members. The Secretariat has a central role in matching the interests of the members across the priority areas .

Training Courses

The SERN Strategy 21-27 has identified capacity building in the network as one of the key elements upon which constructing and developing further cooperation among the members.

Peer Review

The Network provides opportunities to activate bilateral or multilateral peer review activities among the members aimed at strengthening the organisational capacity of the members and increasing the knowledge of the staff of the members in in a limited number of thematic areas.

European Initiatives

In line with the priorities set out in the strategy, the Network participates in some key European initiatives bringing added value to its Members.

SERN Thematic Wall - STW

The STWs are thematic information sessions aimed at giving shape and substance to the priorities and activities foreseen by the SERN strategy.

'Livio Benedetto' Scholarship

SERN is proud to announce the Livio Benedetto Scholarship, aimed at supporting graduate students and early-stage researchers focusing on comparative analysis in local public policymaking between Italy and Sweden. 

BIME Initiative

The Network provides support for member organisations accredited or involved in KA1 projects within the Erasmus+ programme, in order to plan their mobility activities.

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