Training activities

The SERN Strategy 21-27 has identified capacity building in the network as one of the key elements upon which constructing and developing further cooperation among the members.

Following the approval of the strategy, the SERN Secretariat has developed a set of training activities based on previous learning activities implemented over the years and the know-how acquired in the field through the 100+ projects that have been developed in the context of the network.

The proposed training activities are therefore reflecting, and building on, the needs identified and expressed by and among the members over the years in relation to different aspects of the project-based activities. In particular, the planned courses will address three main areas: project design and planning, project management and activities that will enhance the capacity of the member to become active actors in the context of SERN and therefore enhance the capacity to take advantage of the membership of your organisation.

All training activities will be characterised by a strong hands-on approach based on learning by doing. The vast majority of the proposed courses are aimed at equipping civils servants and staff of the member organisations with practical knowledge that can be a valuable asset in the process of creation of capacity building at organisational level in the field of European/International activities. Although the skills and knowledge acquired in the framework of the SERN training activities pertain EU funded projects the know-how and the key methods acquired will be applicable to most of project-based activities developed in the context of your organisation.

Each course illustrated below includes a set of key information pertaining the description of the course contents, the main learning objectives, the level of difficulty and the practical information about dates and registration fees (if applicable). 

For any additional information about the activities feel free to contact the SERN Secretariat at any time.


See the COURSE CATALOGUE with detailed programme, dates and venue in our Members Area.

Contact the Secretariat if you experience problems logging in.

Planned courses

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