SERN offers traineeship opportunities at the Secretariat in Parma. Traineeships are intended for graduate/postgraduate students or recent graduates or postgraduates (within one year of graduation) to develop their professional skills and gain practical work experience in an international environment.

The length of the traineeship is 6 months and can be carried out in one of the two periods mentioned below:

February-July (request to be submitted by the end of November)
September-February (request to be submitted by the end of July)

The training objectives will be:

  • Increased knowledge about the work of a transnational network of local and regional authorities;
  • Increased knowledge about EU project planning and implementation.
Activities to be carried will include:
  • Communication with the member organisations and relations with media; assistance to the elaboration of the annual report;
  • Editing and updating of the SERN website and social media pages;
  • Substantive project work and collaboration to the development and implementation of EU projects;
  • Participation in project meetings among the members;
  • Assistance to the Project Groups and assistance to the staff of the Secretariat in the preparation of the Executive Board meetings;
  • General office Support, filing, communication with external actors, minutes writing, summaries, etc;

Request should be sent to


Sorry, there are no positions available at this time.

Thank you for your interest about employment opportunities at SERN Secretariat. Currently we do not have any open positions.