SERN Thematic wall

The SERN Thematic Wall (STW) are thematic information sessions aimed at giving shape and substance to the priorities and activities foreseen by the SERN strategy.

Through this flexible “wall,” we will put in focus a specific theme linked to our strategy for a set period (2/3 months).

During this period, the Secretariat will devise a series of targeted events and activities that are directly related to the chosen priority or theme.

The STWs will help the Secretariat in reaching several key objectives:

  • Informing about the theme: STW provides us with the opportunity to disseminate relevant and in-depth information about the chosen theme, informing and raising awareness within our communities about important issues.
  • Fostering cooperation and project development: By concentrating our efforts on a specific theme, we foster collaboration and the sharing of knowledge/ideas among members.
  • Showcasing best practices: During STW, we will seek out and promote the best practices of members who have excelled in addressing the current challenge. This helps recognise excellence and inspire others.
  • Exchange of best practices: In addition to recognizing best practices, we actively promote the exchange of experiences among members. This exchange can take place through workshops, webinars, and thematic discussions.
  • Project dissemination: During the thematic period, we will highlight relevant projects and initiatives that the Network has undertaken to address the current priority. This contributes to the spread of innovative ideas and practical solutions.

Building upon the SERN strategy, we have a comprehensive plan to address the chosen theme and integrate it into our strategy effectively.

Here are the key components of our approach:

Seminar on European perspective

We will organise seminars to present how the theme is being addressed at the European level. These seminars will shed light on potential opportunities, including available programmes and other initiatives that our members can take part in.

Showcasing Best Practices

We will collect and showcase best practices from our members. This could involve organising events where members present their successful projects related to the theme. This SHOWCASING approach helps in recognising and sharing excellent work within our network.

Thematic Events with Experts

We will host thematic events featuring experts, whether they are internal or external to our network. These events will provide insights and knowledge on the theme.

Working Groups

To foster cooperation and collaboration, we may consider establishing working group(s) dedicated to the theme. This working group can act as a platform for members to actively contribute their expertise, share experiences, and develop joint projects.

Tailored Content and Communication

We will create dedicated content to disseminate through our communication channels. This content includes thematic newsletters with information on opportunities and informative materials, updates in the Members’ Area, a section highlighting previous SERN projects related to the theme, and social media posts.

Additional Activities

Depending on the needs and interests of our members, we may initiate various activities related to the theme, such as peer reviews, study visits, and the collection / presentation of project proposals.

The first STW, starting in January, will focus on Artificial Intelligence for More Sustainable and Inclusive Communities.

In our ever-evolving world, the fusion of technology and societal progress stands as a beacon of hope. Artificial Intelligence (AI) emerges as a powerful catalyst, offering innovative solutions to address the pressing challenges faced also by our communities. Its potential to revolutionise the way we manage resources, govern our cities and educate generations underlines a key point in our ongoing work towards a more just and equitable society.

Within this transformative landscape, our forthcoming STW seeks to spotlight the key role of AI in shaping more sustainable and inclusive communities thus pursuing the strategic objectives of the SERN Network. By harnessing the potential of AI, we aim to pave a path towards a future where technological advancements are not just milestones of progress but are also instrumental in addressing pressing social, environmental, and educational challenges. The focus on AI’s integration into public administrations, educational systems, and services for vulnerable groups encapsulates our commitment to exploring the multifaceted ways in which AI can be leveraged for the collective good.

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