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Lepida is an in-house company with total and exclusive public capital, serving more than 400 member bodies and the Emilia-Romagna Region, which is the majority shareholder.

The Company acts as an aggregator pole supporting plans in the development of Information & Communication Technology in terms of design, research, development, testing and management of ICT services and products, as well as activities of construction, maintenance, activation and operation of infrastructures, management and development of services for access and in favour of citizens, enterprises and Public Administration, with a line of high specialization in the sectors of health, social assistance, services of local authorities to the person and social health.

Lepida offers training and technical support activities in the field of ICT, activities relating to the adoption of new technologies applied to the government of the territory (so-called smart city and smart working), data services, Internet and telephony (traditional and IP network), services for fixed/mobile convergence, data centre services with data storage functions, server farming, server consolidation, facility management, backup, disaster recovery, management applications in ASP mode, planning of physical network infrastructures, design and testing of fibre optic network sections, fibre or radio infrastructures, provision of connectivity services on regional networks, offering the public free Internet connection via WiFi technology, provision of network sections and services at fair and non-discriminatory conditions to local and state public bodies, public companies, law enforcement agencies, for the implementation of ultra broadband infrastructures and for the connection of their offices in the territory of the Emilia-Romagna Region and the reference territory of the Shareholders.


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