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Albareto is an Italian town of  2145 inhabitants, located in the province of Parma in Emilia-Romagna. It is halfway in between Emilia, Liguria and Tuscany, and it’s the ideal place to relax and rediscover the pleasure of living away from the chaotic city.

In this land, framed by the summit of Mount Gottero and Monte Spiaggi, nature reigns supreme. In Albareto it is possible to go hiking in the woods, looking for delicious mushrooms, small fruits or simply walking and breathing clean air and refresh yourself with the waters of pure springs. For those whom are passionate for sports it is possible enjoy fishing, cycling, horseback riding, hiking, tennis and numerous other outdoor activities. In the amazing beech woods there are several free shelters and rest areas where you can have picnics with the family or friends, inside nature, occasionally seeing some fox, roe deer, hare or squirrel.

For culture lovers it is possible to visit the “Piccolo Museo di Guerra” ( Little War Museum ) at the Town Hall ; the The Municipality of Albareto is in fact among the cities decorated with military prowess for the war of liberation, awarded the silver medal for military prowess for the sacrifices of its people and for the activities in the partisan struggle during the second world war. The Albareto valley keeps in its memories the experiences of many fighters, the remnants of many battles and brings with that traces of war shelters, which saved the lives of our old generations. People passionate of history will also be able to know about the origins of the parliamentarian Angela Gotelli in Albareto, former mayor of Albareto and one of the twenty-one women elected on June 2nd 1946 to the Constituent, of which there is a portrait in the Parliament building in Rome. To Angela Gotelli it was dedicated the library of the town. The story of the stone depicting the Madonna contained in the Sanctuary of Boschetto, one of many  fractions of Albareto, is very unique, of which the miraculous apparition to the shepherdess Angela Broglia is handed down.

There are numerous pleasures of the table: saying Albareto is the same as saying porcini mushroom. Those that are born in this area are in fact so valuable that they obtained the denomination I.G.P. (Protected Geographical Indication) in 1993. They are unique in Europe and are celebrated every first Sunday in October with the Fiera del fungo porcino (National Porcini Mushroom Fair), which highlights its best qualities. Soon it will be possible to visit the Museo del Fungo Porcino (Porcini Mushroom Museum) in the circuit of the Museums of the food of Parma excellence.

During summer the town comes alive with parties, meetings, outdoor cinema, music and theme nights. The local Proloco is very active and during the past years has given prestige to the municipality thanks to the playful events that have been made. In July, the Festa dei Bambini (Children’s Day) is set up for the little ones in the Don Bosco recreational center in Boschetto, where young and old alike spend a whole day full of fun, playful workshops and much more. But it is the first Friday in August that thousands of kids come into Albareto. The Festa in Pigiama (Pajama Party) in fact, now in its forty-fifth edition, is the most popular event and it is important of the Municipality, second only to the National Porcini Mushroom Fair of Albareto.

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