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Bertinoro, an ancient medieval village with cobbled streets and squares, is also called the Balcony of Romagna: on clear days the view of the sea and hills is simply stunning. Piazza della Libertà with its magnificent 14th century Palazzo Ordelaffi, the Clock Tower and the millenary Rocca del Barbarossa on top of the hill, illustrate still today the important history of this village.

But, even more so, Bertinoro is the town of wine and hospitality. Bertinoro is one of the areas of the Romagna hills most ideally suited to grape growing. Around the town are about a thousand hectares of vineyards, mainly planted with Sangiovese and Albana.

On the main square is the famous Ring Column, which dates from the 13th century and is still the centre of celebrations in September every year, during the Hospitality Festival, when the local people open their homes to guests and offer them the wonderful lunch served in the area on special occasions.

Dante Alighieri himself enjoyed Bertinoro’s hospitality: in the hills near the town is Polenta, native village of Guido da Polenta, Lord of Ravenna, who took in the exiled poet, who certainly stopped to pray at the ancient Lombard “Pieve” church still splendidly preserved today.

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