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A thousand years of history, three castles, an industrial soul and a future linked to innovation and the challenges of the global economy. Casalgrande, a municipality of almost 20,000 inhabitants in the province of Reggio Emilia, encompasses these different identities in balance. Its territory is made up of seven frazioni (Boglioni, Dinazzano, Salvaterra, San Donnino di Liguria, Sant’Antonino, Veggia and Villalunga) spread over an area of 37 square kilometres: a reality that looks to Reggio as a territorial identity and to the Modenese municipalities for economic definition, given that together with Castellarano and its neighbours on the other side of the Secchia river (Sassuolo and Fiorano) it forms the ceramic district, an economic engine of international importance and a producer of widespread work and wellbeing. A municipality where the waters of the Secchia and the canals embrace a territory that is still largely agricultural and always in search of a balance with other human activities; where the natural environment (for example the Secchia park) and the historical and artistic beauties (from Villa Spalletti in San Donnino, to the castles of Dinzzano, Casalgrande Alto and Salvaterra, to the ancient churches) constitute a heritage that links medieval history to the future of the next generations.

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