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Comunità Comprensoriale Oltradige Bassa Atesina is a district in the southern part of the Italian  province of South Tyrol. Comunità Comprensoriale aims to protect and develop the quality of life of its community, working with respect for the person and their rights, with professionalism and efficiency, a commitment inspired and carried out respecting the concepts of loyalty, respect and competence. In order to achieve these goals, they collaborate with various local authorities to strengthen the social pact that binds citizens and institutions and to make the network of relationships that make up our community strong and supportive. 

The Comunità Comprensoriale Oltradige Bassa Atesina comprises 18 Municipalities:

  • Aldino
  • Andriano
  • Anterivo
  • Appiano
  • Bronzolo
  • Caldaro
  • Cortaccia sulla Strada del Vino
  • Egna
  • Laives
  • Magrè sulla Strada del Vino
  • Montagna
  • Ora
  • Salorno sulla Strada del Vino
  • Terlano
  • Termeno sulla Strada del Vino
  • Trodena sul Parco Naturale
  • Vadena
  • Cortina sulla Strada del Vino

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