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Liceo Aldo Moro is a large upper-secondary State school with about 1,600 students, 120 teaching staff and 30 administrative/janitor staff. The school is positioned near the centre of Reggio Emilia, a middle-size city of about 160,000 residents, also a university city. About 50% of our families commute from neighbouring towns or smaller communities.

Our mission on a cognitive level is to provide good background preparation in all subjects for future university students, and on the civil level to educate youths to become good citizens and active, prosocial members of modern Italian and European society. The traditional idea of a Liceo education was focused on individual work done at home by each student. Being required standards rather high, individual study hours tend to be long. This said, Liceo Moro offers plenty of extra-curricular opportunities in sports, art, theatre, civic education, community service. Like other Italian schools we have been committed to reach maximum inclusion. Giant progress has been done in this area, and much has to be done. Since its foundation back in 1975 Liceo Moro has been moving in a perspective of curricular and methodological innovation, with several national and transnational projects concerning the areas of science, humanities, and active citizenship. As members or leaders of networks in these areas, we have been cooperating with universities and other post-secondary education agencies operating in our territory.

Our expertise on projects has recently allowed us to set up quality options for inclusion, sustainable practices and cross-curricular competences. As teachers, we share a well-established culture of integration, attention towards stakeholders and collective decision-making. At the moment we are working at re-thinking and innovating our teaching practices in several curricular areas to meet the new cultural and educational challenges of contemporary society. The Erasmus+ projects we currently partner in are expected to widen our international expertise with a shared competence in the planning and implementation of multi-national programmes, in order to consolidate the idea of European citizenship at all levels of our educational process.

We share with the City of Reggio Emilia a mindset oriented to opening our perspectives to transnational cooperation and sustainable practices, to provide our students the necessary tools for their European future keeping in sight the values of solidarity and cooperation which have inspired and contributed to design our present.

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