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Bologna is the seventh largest city in Italy as far as the number of inhabitants is concerned and sixth in economic importance. Important features of Bologna are its high level of economic development and extensive pre-school, educational, social, cultural and sport services.

Bologna is the seventh Italian city for number of inhabitants that became around 1 million with the passage to the metropolitan authority with 55 municipalities. With its strategic location, stable economy, a modern and efficient public administration, the oldest University in Europe and its research institutes, well established and emerging sectors, as well as all its urban transformations, Bologna is a vibrant area with excellent opportunities for investment despite the international economic downturn.

Bologna is strategically situated at the heart of freight and passenger traffic transiting between Europe and the Mediterranean. Bologna is the cultural, administrative and commercial capital of the Emilia-Romagna region, and one of the areas with the highest social and economic standards in Europe.

The Municipality of Bologna has a wide experience in the participation in European projects and currently participates as co-ordinator, main contractor or partner in many European projects. The commitment of Bologna in international activities is also confirmed by the participation of the City in the Steering Committee of important international networks such as EUROCITIES, European Digital Cities, Global Cities Dialogue, ICLEI, Creative Cities Network, WHO-Healthy cities network and has adopted the Charter of European Cities and Towns Towards Sustainability (The Aalborg Charter).

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