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Orust is one of Sweden’s largest islands with approximately 15 200 inhabitants. The sum of inhabitant’s tripples in the summer. We have more than 6 000 summer houses. Some of Bohuslän Countys most famous sites are situated on Orust such as Käringön, Mollösund, Gullholmen. Our island is also famous for the production of sailboats. The municipality contains of 1 670 small islands such as Käringön, Gullholmen och Flatön. There are some small towns/villages for example Henån, Svanesund, Ellös and Varekil. Two bridges and 5 ferry lines connects us with the mainland and other islands.3 300 people commute to work in other places outside Orust and 1 200 people commute to work in Orust. 3 950 live and work in the municipality. 70 % commute to the south, mainly to Göteborg and Stenungsund. More people commute to Orust from north of the island.

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