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Ginevra Roli
Project Officer - SERN


Developing digital business attraction skills through continuing VET at work in the local public sector

About the project

Business attraction if understood and carried out properly, is a key element for the future of medium size municipalities.
The main challenge for these municipalities is not only promoting themselves as a place to visit (tourism and events) but also to become an attractive place where to work and invest.
In order to compete for new investments, the partners have identified the need to develop a range of new competences and skills among their employees; nurturing a competitive business climate, create tailor-made place value propositions and put together cross-functional teams with the necessary capabilities to attract and facilitate investments.


The general objective of the BAS project is to raise the business attractiveness of the European cities through an up-skilling of staff of local authorities.

The specific objectives are:
1. To equip managers and civil servants from Municipalities with digital competencies in the field of business attraction
2. To exchange and identify innovative experiences on business attraction strategies among municipalities in Europe
3. To develop an online training module to help managers and civil servants.


The project foresees the following activities:

– The development of the three main products of the project: the training needs mapping analysis, the toolbox on Business Attraction Management, an e-course fostering digital business attraction skills.
– 6 Transnational Project Meetings (3 of them virtual meetings) arranged approximately every 6 months, aimed at steering the project, supervising the implementation of the project, monitor the development of project results and assessing that project activities are carried out successfully and according to schedule.
– 1 Seminar in Sweden, aimed at assessing and evaluating the quality of the contents of the toolbox and the relevance it can have in different contexts.
– 5 Multiplier events in each of the countries aimed at presenting the project, increasing knowledge on business attraction and promoting the use of its project results, ensuring the sustainability of the project after its duration.


The project foresees three main project results:
1- Training needs mapping and analysis: a collection and analysis of the training needs of the target group. This result will constitute the baseline for the development of the following project results 2 and 3, since it will define the training needs and will allow the development of tools which fully tailored to the needs of the civil servants in the different countries.
2- Toolbox on Business Attraction Management: the toolbox will focus on how to organize and manage the Business Attraction capabilities and how bring together different actors in attracting, welcoming and supporting investments.
3- E-course on Digital Business Attraction Skill: anonline training path for civil servants of local authorities staff which builds on some key elements of the toolbox.

Training Needs Analysis

Click here to read and download the first project result developed in the framework of the project.

The training needs analysis aims to provide a range of modern approaches to online branding and marketing helping staff of local authorities to build competitive place value propositions, accessible to a global audience.

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