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Pellegrino Parmense is situated in the northern part of the Ceno valley. The municipality has more than 1,000 inhabitants. The frazioni that compose the municipality are: Aione di Sopra, Aione Sotto, Berzieri, Besozzola, Careno, Casalicchio, Casalino, Casa Veronica, Castellaro, Grotta, Iggio, Mariano, Marubbi, Montanari, Pietra Nera, Pietraspaccata, Rigollo, Valico Sant’Antonio, Santini, Stuzzano, Varone, Vigoleni, Volpi.

Pellegrino Parmense is situated in a hollow on the right bank of one of the branches of the Stirone river, with a purely feudal conformation whose history has always been linked to that of the fortified Castle, built on top of the hill. The original fortress was erected to defend the nearby village probably in 981, at the behest of Adalberto di Baden, and for centuries it has resisted bloody assaults and has been the scene of a mysterious legend of the White Lady.

The visitor can find relax and tranquillity in a pollution-free environment, high quality home-made culinary products, an extensive territory ranging from green meadows to forests, and a climate that remains pleasant in summer, being at an altitude of between 450 and 700 metres.

Pellegrino Parmense is known for its delicious traditional bread and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, as well as traditional dishes such as salumi and pasta and game sauces.

Near the village it is also possible to reach with a walk of about half an hour the Sanctuary of Careno that, among the Romanesque parish churches of the Parma territory, amazes for its beauty, once a pilgrimage destination (hence the name of the municipality). Its visit, among the hills of Pellegrino Parmense, combines culture and nature.

Continuing through the verdant hills, about 10-15 km away, you can visit the renowned spa towns of Tabiano Bagni and Salsomaggiore Terme.

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