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In Boden, we live close to home. By that we mean the life where you are close to everything that is important and a little more – children’s activities, your job, schools, cultural events, attractive homes, shopping and natural experiences.   

 We say that local life is for everyone. Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation. Whether you come here from Luleå, Stockholm or Somalia, we will create an inclusive climate where everyone feels a sense of belonging, security and an opportunity to develop. So it makes sense that people come here to start a business, study game development or just to seek a new lifestyle.    

Boden is a growing municipality and by 2030 we will have 31,000 inhabitants. Both 2018-2021 Boden had the best business climate in Norrbotten and business growth is strong. Our priority development areas are electricity-intensive industries, environmental technology, cultural and creative industries, horse industry and trade and hospitality. Boden Municipality is the largest employer in the city, employing around 3,000 people. In Boden, we are close to everything that is important and a little more. That’s what we call #naturelife.  

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