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The Municipality of Cervia is situated in the region of Emilia-Romagna on a stupendous stretch of the Adriatic coast with 9 km of fine sandy beaches and shallow waters. The ancient “city of salt”, the old fishing village and the extensive pinewoods have been transformed by the development of tourism. This began in a pioneering way at the end of the eighteen hundreds and had a decisive impact in 1912 when the “garden city” of Milano Marittima was built at the edge of the centuries old pinewood. Cervia with its districts of Milano Marittima, Pinarella and Tagliata is now one of the most famous seaside resorts and a national and international reference model. A land of natural beauty, tradition, culture and history awaits you here, where there are many attractions if you are looking for a holiday with a focus on health, fun and relaxation.

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