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Östergötland County consists of 13 municipalities and has a land area of 10,605 square kilometers, which is approximately 3 percent of the entire land area of Sweden. Östergötland is the 4th most populated county in Sweden.

Region Östergötland is the regional public authority responsible for health care and regional development in the region of Östergötland, with 12,000 employees and a budget of 1,5 billion Euros. In the field of regional development, Region Östergötland has several government assignments, such as developing a Regional Development Programme, a regional vision for the future of the region, as well as goals and strategies to achieve the vision.

Region Östergötland is responsible for regional development in the Östergötland County. The mission is to strengthen Östergötland County’s competitiveness and attractiveness. Regional development includes business development, skills and employment, culture, spatial planning, strategic planning, international relations and various types of support and funding. Moreover, Region Östergötland has several government assignments such as responsibility for the Regional Development Strategy, the Regional Transport Plan, the Regional Innovation Strategy, the Regional Competence Platform and the Collaborative Cultural Model.

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