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Regalbuto is a small town (7.093 inhabitants) located in Sicily, between the Simeto Valley and the Nebrodi Area, categorized as an ‘inner area”, i.e. far from metro areas and with difficulties for people in accessing services.
The city centre is characterised by the presence of different neighborhoods built in different historical periods, there are several mainly religious monuments (churches, convents) which testify to the important role played by Regalbuto in the past. It is located in the road that connects Catania and Palermo, a strategic position.
After the urban expansion at the end of last century during a phase of economic growth, the main engine of the local economy was agriculture, today the Municipality suffers depopulation as others inner area in Italy, especially in the South.
For all of these reasons, the local administration is implementing an innovative and integrated approach of community-based planning through a genuine learning process, engaging citizens, grassroots, public institutions and experts in the search for social-ecological revitalization.
Joining the SERN network is a piece of this puzzle of innovation and experimentation!

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