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Scandiano is a medium-size city (approx. 25.000 inhabitants), located in Northern Italy, between Reggio Emilia and Modena. It’s a center rich in history, culture and tradition, and its art heritage marks this “small capital city” as one of the most interesting towns of the whole Region.

The Municipality of Scandiano is proud of its pro-European attitude: it’s twinned with the cities of Blansko (Czech Rep., since 1964), Tubize (Belgium, since 1976) and Almansa (Spain, since 1989), and it maintains relationships with various partners scattered all around Europe, thus it received two Flags of Honor from the Council of Europe, one Plaque of Honor and one Europe Award.

It has a strong experience in the field of EU & international projects, either taking part to the partnership directly, or supporting local associations in participating.

Scandiano is one of the SERN founding members.

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