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Ginevra Roli
Project Officer - SERN


Upskilling municipal staff competences on planning and managing sustainable tourism

About the project

In the last decades European cities have faced economical and social changes which led to the need of public local authorities of managing cities differently and promoting more and more the development of a territory, beyond the increasing of services. Cities nowadays had to put in place real strategies to differentiate themselves and continue to attract visitors, and for medium-sized cities, attracting visitors and tourists can be a great challenge. 

The project stems from the awareness of the partners that there are gaps in knowledge on strategies for promoting sustainable tourism among the staff of their Municipalities. The gaps include lack of training tools to allow both Municipalities’ staff and stakeholders to increase their knowledge on the subject and improve forms of collaboration.


The general objective of the project is to strengthen the development of sustainable local tourism and increase the attractiveness of medium sized municipalities through up-skilling the staff of municipalities. 

In order to achieve the general objective above the project will aim at:
1. increasing knowledge and competences of local authorities staff in sustainable tourism planning and management;
2. developing innovative local strategies to define the city’s territorial marketing in order to promote the cities as tourism destination, boosting the active participation of local stakeholders;
3. promoting a sustainable local tourism that take into full account current and future economic, social and environmental impacts.

Activities and Results

The project will develop the following results:

  • SELF-ASSESSMENT FRAMEWORK: a self assessment tool used that through a GAP analysis will help to figure out where the gaps are in terms of knowledge and practice in key areas of tourism.
  • ONLINE TRAINING COURSE: new training contents for civil servants and managers working in the field of tourism responding to a set of concepts and competencies essential for the staff of the Municipality responsible for the tourism development.
  • FINAL HANDBOOK: a collection of good practices and concrete examples of sustainable tourism at European level, including tourism strategies developed by the project partners
News from the Project
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