Federica Gravina
Project Officer - SERN
Ginevra Roli
Project Officer - SERN

In Pink

About the project

The In Pink project was a promotional initiative in support of European Citizenship – year 2020, organised by the Province of Parma with the support of SERN and funded by the Emilia-Romagna Region.

The aims of the project were:

  • to promote gender equality in the workplace, in the territory of the Province of Parma
  • to to inform citizens about the existing forms of gender discrimination in the labour market, proposing as a model the experiences from Luleå Municipality, Linköping Municipality and private actors from the Municipality of Ale.


In November and December three webinars were organized:

1. Vertical Segregation and Women’s leadership Gap

2. Reconciliation of private and professional life

3. Women and Covid19, employment and social perspectives

Webinar 1

On Friday 13 November 2020, the first webinar “WOMEN AT THE VERTICES: AN OPEN CHALLENGE” of the IN PINK project, curated by the Province of Parma in collaboration with SERN and financed by the Emilia-Romagna Region, was held.
The meeting was moderated by Federica Gravina and Ginevra Roli of SERN and started with institutional greetings by Parma City Councillor Ferdinando De Maria and Parma City Councillor in charge of Equal Opportunities Nicoletta Paci.
The first part of the webinar was devoted to speeches:
– the first by Professor Fausto Pagnotta, University of Parma, who addressed the theme of the roots of gender inequality;
– the second intervention, by Dr. Fabrizia Dalcò of the Equal Opportunities Office of the Province of Parma, analysed the issue of “Women and Power”, proposing a historical excursus of women in Italian politics and offering an overview of the current international context.
The second part of the webinar was dedicated to a comparison of good practices between Italy and Sweden. They brought their testimonies:
– Elisabetta Bernardini, official of the Parma Chamber of Commerce;
– Michela Bolondi, president of Proges and vice president of Lega Coop;
– Johanna Bergsro and Lina Bodestad from the Association of Women Entrepreneurs of the Swedish Municipality of Ale.

Webinar 2

On Friday, 20 November 2020, the second webinar “Reconciling work and family life: logics and tools” of the IN PINK project, organised by the Province of Parma in cooperation with SERN and financed by the Emilia-Romagna Region, was held.
The meeting was moderated by Federica Gravina and Ginevra Roli from SERN and started with the intervention of Mariantonietta Calasso, Equality Councillor of the Province of Parma.
The first part of the webinar was devoted to the speech by Prof. Veronica Valenti, from the University of Parma, who illustrated national and European Union Equal Opportunities policies, focusing in particular on what the European Union does and has done in the field of work/family reconciliation
During the second part of the webinar, the topic of work and the gender perspective was addressed:
– From the public employer’s perspective with Daniel Stendahl, European Affairs sector, and Charlotte Flyckt, Human Resources sector, who told about the experience of their municipality in Linköping;
– From the private employer’s point of view with Michele Laterza, Global Corporate Communications & PR Manager, and Rocco Tassi Carboni, HR Business Partner and Union Relations, who talked about the Mutti Company experience.
The third part of the webinar was devoted to the topic of policies and services supporting working women. They brought their testimonies:
– Elisabetta Bernardini, Female Entrepreneurship Committee of the Parma Chamber of Commerce,
– Sandra Rossi, President of CNA Impresa Donna Parma, who presented the “Spazio Donna e Impresa” project.

Webinar 3

On Thursday 10 December 2020 the third and last webinar of the InPink Project, organised by Provincia di Parma in collaboration with SERN, was held.
The meeting was moderated by Ginevra Roli and Federica Gravina, SERN, and thanks to our partner Luleå kommun we went as far as Sweden, thus widening the discussion to the European level.
The proceedings were opened by the Councillor for Equal Opportunities of the Emilia-Romagna Region, Barbara Lori, then Roberta Mori | Official Page, Regional Councillor ER, spoke about women’s empowerment, for sustainable and lasting development.
Liliana Tessaroli, Regional Employment Agency ER, dealt with the issue of services and active employment policy measures to support female employment; Giulia Sudano and Valentina Bazzarin from the Orlando Women’s Centre Association in Bologna offered us a gender perspective on Covid-19, while Elisabetta Bernardini Chamber of Commerce of Parma addressed the issue of digitalisation and the impact of covid-19 on female entrepreneurship.
The testimony of Francesca Cavallini, feminist entrepreneur and President of Tice – Psychology for Human Beings, was important, while Åsa Koski and Ina Wahlberg took us to Sweden, to the municipality of Luleå, to understand how gender mainstreaming takes place in a public body.

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