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Ale’s strategic location – near Gothenburg while having nature on the doorstep – facilitates everyday life for our residents and makes it easier for them to enjoy their free time.

Near. Here it is close to both the big city and the country. In Ale there are five commuter train stations with trains that run every 15 minutes at peak times.

Active leisure. Ale has plenty of fishing waters, we have golf courses, ski slopes and many swimming lakes and hiking trails. We also have a rich club life and many sports clubs. In other words, there are good conditions for active leisure.

Sustainable lifestyle. In Ale we work to make sure that you can live sustainably. There is very good public transport, an electric carpool, a fast-charging station for electric vehicles and the possibility to borrow an electric bike at the library to try out for a week. There are plenty of bike paths in the municipality and bicycle parking at each commuter train station. At the stations there are also shuttle car parks, so you do not have to drive all the way into Gothenburg. We organize activities and lectures annually on the theme sustainability where residents can get knowledge about solar cells or their bike serviced free of charge.

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