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Laura Avanzi
Project Officer - SERN


Reaffirming the civic participation of young people for a sustainable democracy

About the project

The project SAYouth is a 24 months project involving 7 European countries (Sweden, Italy, Poland, Finland, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece) with a mixed partnership composed of 9 organisations of different nature: 5 public authorities, 3 NGOs and one transnational network.

The general objective of the project is to secure the participation of young people in municipal decision-making processes and to promote their influence on issues of importance for the whole society including the promotion of sustainable democracy and the civic involvement of young migrant people as a tool for integration.


Specific objectives of the project SAYouth are:

  1. To promote an interactive and constructive dialogue between young people and public authorities at local and European level
  2. To develop more attractive and inclusive communication channels, tools and methods
  3. To promote a better knowledge of democratic systems and organization at local and European level
  4. To develop a sense of belonging of youngsters in the public institutions at local and European level
  5. To promote an active participation in the civil society and public life and in the volunteering sector


The workplan foresees 10 events with different methodologies and focus:

2 coordination meetings (a kick off and a mid evaluation)

2 transnational seminars

6 local events for youth transnational networking and direct dialogue with local authorities.

This set of activities will involve directely more than 350 citizens and with 800000 indirect participants.


It is possible to identify as expected results:

– an increased knowledge about European models on which the relation between young people and public authorities is set

– an exchange of best practices on the tools used to improve the participation of young people in the civic society and in the volunteering

– an increased participation of citizens and sense of common belonging to the EU

– a strong networking among partners and stakeholders

– the creation of a shared European digital tool to set the guidelines.