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Erasmus+, KA2 small scale partnership

Ginevra Roli
Project Officer - SERN


Improving preschool teachers' skills in outdoor education

About the project

The main aim of the partnership is to further develop mutual understanding and knowledge of each preschool’s work with outdoor learning and education.

The partners’ needs were identified in order to better understand how to design and use outdoor spaces in pre-schools.


The general objective the partners would like to achieve is to develop teachers’ knowledge of outdoor activities and to contribute, on a small scale, to the achievement of the global goals (4. Good education, 3. Good health and Well-being, 12. Sustainable consumption and production).

The specific objectives are:

  1. to improve teachers’ skills in designing and organising safe outdoor environments in preschools by exchanging good practices;
  2. to develop mutual understanding and knowledge about the work with learning and education outside.


The activities will be:

  • The kick-off in Italy aimed at guide the project partners and define the project’s steps;
  • The First Training in Italy focused on designing outdoor spaces;
  • The second training in Sweden on education strategies for sustainable and environmental friendly attitude;
  • The third training in Latvia on outdoor and inclusion;
  • The seminar in Sweden on the outdoor environment as an arena for children and youth wellbeing;
  • The testing of the best practices and a final publication.


The expected results are:

  • Increased skills of pedagogical coordinators, teachers and educators on how to design a safe outdoor environment in preschools; created outdoor environments where children can explore their senses;
  • Creation of outdoor environment and experiences that provide children with the necessary knowledge for a healthy and sustainable life;
  • Exchange of good practices among partners on how to teach children to care for the environment
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