Funded by

Erasmus+, KA2

Federica Gravina
Project Officer - SERN


Developing language in preschools

The Project PLANE involves four pre-schools from 3 different countries Italy, Sweden and Croatia with the common need to improve the way in which teachers approach to language development of pupils, by adopting two specific teaching strategies namely storytelling and digital learning.

Indeed, thanks to PLANE project teachers will improve their skills and knowledge on Digital learning and Narrative as well as identify methods for assessing pupils’ improvement in schooling language, by exchanging practices with their European colleagues.


The project main objective is  to improve the quality of the learning in Swedish, Italian and Croatian pre-schools in relation to language development, by focusing on Digital learning and Narrative.


The activities foreseen in the PLANE project are:

  • 3 Joint Training Seminars
  • 3 Coordination Meetings


In the long-run, PLANE project will  enforce teachers’ linguistic, teaching and digital skills and introduce new teaching practices related to language development  in the annual programming that will be transferable to neighbouring pre-schools. Finally, the results of PLANE project will stimulate the participation of other pre-schools to EU funded projects and initiatives.


PLANE project it’s expected to produce the following results:

– best practices on digital learning and storytelling are identified, exchanged and tested.

– Innovative teaching methods and skills are acquired by teachers.

– New tools and strategies to assess pupils ‘improvement in schooling language are identified.

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