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Thematic networks planning process

About the project

Planet was a project co-financed by the Europe for Citizens programme under Action 2 Measure 2.2. The project started off from the need of improving project planning skills among local authorities interested in developing effective thematic networks projects (Measure 1.2 of the EFC Programme). The training was open to representatives of 35 municipalities from 5 countries, delivering specific knowledge and competencies to the participants and at the same time producing Thematic Networks Projects at the end of the process. The training was unfolded through 3 thematic seminars each corresponding to one phase of the project cycle (indicative programming, identification, formulation).


The general objectives of the project were:

  1. to enhance the skills of civil servants to meet the more complex and demanding challenges in terms of strategic planning with the partners;
  2. to provide the participating municipalities with a common methodology for planning high quality projects ensuring consistency between objectives foreseen and final results;
  3. to create a platform for networking in order to further develop the exchange and contacts at multiple institutional levels.


Coordination meeting
11/12 January 2012
Rome (IT)

1st thematic seminar
21/23 February 2012
Poznan (PL)

2nd thematic seminar
19/22 March 2012
Rimini (IT)

3rd thematic seminar
11/12 January 2012
La Coruña (ES)

Dissemination seminar
25 October 2012
Brussels (BE)


Thanks to the sequential approach to the planning phase of the PCM and the activities held at local level in between each seminar, the participants had more possibilities to create and develop sustainable networks that led to the submission of 5 NTT projects on the 1st September 2012, one project per each PLANET work group. On December 3rd the results of the selection were published by EACEA and three of the five projects were approved.

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