Funded by

Erasmus +, KA2

Isak Johansson
City of Trollhättan


Bringing a European methodology to the protection of vulnerable children and youths

About the project

The project is mainly focused on a more effective responses to child abuse at local level. Both Barnahus Fyrbodal and Unione Romagna Faentina share the same ambition to develop and improve their daily work, and cooperating with transnational partners, it will be possible to take advantage of the two different systems. The main interest for the Italian partner is knowing better the Barnahus model and its practical application, with examples (How they work with families, how work is organized between the different organizations involved). Meanwhile from a Swedish perspective, there is a big interest to get a better understanding of how Italian authorities process and help children who have been exposed to abuse, including what model they use in Italy to facilitate coordination between these authorities. 


The main aim of the project is to strengthen the competence and daily methodology of the staff in the participating organizations. By joining forces and comparing the work that is done in Sweden and Italy with respect to the field of child protection, the two partners Barnahus Fyrbodal and Unione Romagna Faentina will be provided with a unique platform to share good practices as well as collaborate on areas/issues where they need to upskill and improve their local work.  

The specific objectives of the project are: 

SO 1-To promote an integrated upskilling path for professionals of municipalities, regions, state authorities and associated non-public actors regarding child abuse interventions; 

 SO 2-To learn from each other through the development and exchange of best practices 


The project’s results will be achieved through two main activities, organized both in Sweden and in Italy. 

  • The first activity, is set to begin with the partners attending a 1-day national conference on violence in Trollhättan, which is an annual event, and after the conference is over, the remaining days will be focused on showcasing to the visiting Italian partners how the Barnahus model is organized in practice and its methodology that guides the staff of Barnahus Fyrbodal in their daily work.  
  • The activity held in Italy will instead consist in a seminar with the aim to focus and explore the protection and the prevention area. 

By the end of the project it will also be realised a final handbook.  


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