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Nicola Catellani
Network Coordinator - SERN


Skills for inclusion in society

About the project

The project stems from the need expressed by all partners to jointly address the challenges of ensuring a smooth transition from the rehabilitation processes of adults with dual diagnosis to their reintegration into society and in particular the labour market.

It is clear that the social sector, and specifically social enterprises and public officials, lack knowledge about effective methodologies and strategies to guide adults in their process of reintegration into society. This difficulty becomes even more relevant in the context of adults with dual diagnosis, as the lack of knowledge about the origin of their situation and the correlation between the two diagnoses makes it even more difficult to establish actions to support their integration into society.


The general objective of SIRIUS is to improve the inclusion of dual diagnosed adult in the society and labour market.

The specific objectives are:

  • to improve the individual skills of the target group of dual diagnosed adults;
  • to strengthen the organisational capacity and the competences of the individual professional working with the reintegration of dual diagnosed adults.


The activities that the project will implement in order to reach the specific objectives are:

  • a first seminar with experts in Italy to identify good practices;
  • a second seminar with experts in Sweden to identify good practices;
  • testing phase of the practices identified during the seminar;
  • coordination meeting in Sweden;
  • final meeting in Italy.


The results that the project expect to have are

  • Improvement of the knowledge of the labour market of dual diagnosed adults;
  • Strengthening soft skills of dual diagnosed adults:
  • Improvement in the individual motivation of dual diagnosed adults;
  • Increase the motivation of the staff working with dual diagnosed adults.
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