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Erasmus+, KA1

Federica Gravina
Project Officer - SERN


Västrä Götland's students on Erasmus+ for the competences of tomorrow

About the project

“VG+: Västra Götaland’s students on Erasmus+ for the competences of tomorrow” (VG+) is an Erasmus+ KA1 project, offering the opportunity to live a work-based learning experience of three weeks in European companies to 100 VET learners of Vänersborg and Trollhättan area.

In line with the ET 2020 strategy, the project contributes to enhance the European dimension of the VET sector. The integration of mobility experiences in their learning offer will allow students to strengthen the competencies acquired at school and better prepare them for the labour market
The VG+ consortium is composed by 4 VET schools (Drottning Blankas Gymnasieskola and three schools of Kunskapsförbundet väst) and it is coordinated by the Municipality of Vänersborg. The European partnership includes 8 organisations from 6 European countries: Italy, Spain, France, Poland, United Kingdom and Cyprus, that will be in charge of receiving the students and organise their learning mobility experiences abroad.


This project has the overall objective to improve the quality of VET provision, by enhancing its European dimension. The specific objectives are:
– To improve professional competences in participating students,
– To improve key competences in students, in particular intercultural skills and civic competences.
– To Increase competences about mobility in teachers, (in particular regarding the use of ECVET system)
In order to reach these objectives, 100 internships abroad of 3 weeks will be implemented by the project partners. The students will leave for each country of destination in groups of 10, plus an accompanying person.


100 mobilities abroad of 3 weeks for VET students


The impact of VG+ on students will be in terms of employability and competences acquired, in particular technical ones related to their qualifications and key competences such as: social skills, learning to learn, teamwork, decision-making and autonomy, language skills and knowledge of company processes.
School staff will acquire competences in teamwork and management of mobility projects. The participation in VG+ will further strengthen the integration of these experiences with their educational programmes/curriculum. They will also gain more knowledge about: the Erasmus + program, the ECVET toolkit and the governance of a mobility project.
Furthermore, the project will be an important step to further structure the procedures and tools for the management of a significant number of mobility with high-quality standards.
Finally, VG+ is expected to strengthen the collaboration between the municipality of Vänersborg and the schools, creating synergies and enlarge the network of foreign partners, hence creating fertile ground for future projects.

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