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Young people and development

About the project

The partnership, composed of Italian, Finnish, Spanish and Swedish Municipalities and their local youth associations, has as main objective to bring people from local communities across Europe together to share and exchange experiences, opinions and values within the field of young people development opportunities.

The project participants are mainly young people between 18 and 30 years old with the aim to share and exchange experiences and values in the field of local development and entrepreneurship.


The project points out three problems of common interest to be approached in the transnational meetings:
1. Lack of right competencies to be employed (employability opportunities);
2. Marginalization of young people in the civil society;
3. Lack of competencies of public authorities to interact and to communicate effectively with young people.


Five thematic seminars were organised,  focused on the analysis of the stated problems with a joint team composed of experts, young people, politicians and
representatives of private companies.

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