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Piteå is a Municipality situated on the Gulf of Bothnia, 900 km north of Stockholm and 100 km south of the Arctic Circle. With 42,000 residents it makes a significant contribution to the 260,000 population of the County of Norrbotten, the largest and most northerly county in the country in Sweden.  

Piteå focuses on green energy and sustainable development and are now building the largest wind park in Europe with 1000 turbines. Piteå also offers good development opportunities for people and companies, especially in the green areas and in the creative and cultural sector. But still Papermills are the biggest industries.  

Piteå also offers municipality services with good quality and to mention is that school in Piteå has for many years been top rated in Sweden, this by the teachers union, but also in other nation wide surveys 

Piteå entices with something for all ages and tastes. The town hosts annual events attracting many thousands of visitors as well as smaller local events. Pite Havsbad stages one show after the other. Star performers like WeiWei and Barbara Hendricks are just a couple to have performed in Studio Acusticum, one of Europe’s most modern and world class concert halls. In Piteå you find the large arenas are supplemented by the smaller. 

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