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Laura Avanzi
Project Officer - SERN


Enhancing young children STEAM topics learning with physical phenomena as playmates

About the project

The project starts off from the idea to conceptualise STEAM to fit within the holistic vision of the child development that prevails in ECEC (Early Childhood Education Services), where the child is seen as a competent actor of his own leading. Studies about outdoor and natural open-ended materials can promote the implementation of an emergent pedagogy based on children’s exploration on which a STEAM approach can build on.  In this perspective, a steam approach can be useful for the ECEC professionals, as it can transform their interactions with children increasing quality and meaningfulness, as it would be for the children, who will receive a STEAM education in a more culturally balanced approach.


The main objective of the project is to enhance the educational quality of ECEC by using natural and arts materials to introduce STEAM topics in the very young children (1-3). The specific objectives are:

  1. To know and exchange innovative practices to introduce very young children in physical phenomena and STEAM
  2. To discover the role of natural materials and arts in education in ECEC stimulating specific vocabulary in the domain of STEAM and discovering new ways of understanding the world around children
  3. To increase teacher’s skills and competences to introduce STEAM approach and in observing very young children explorations
  4. To support children’s language development and scientific concepts by reflecting how and what they learn through it
  5. To support the involvement of families in the process to valorise a STEAM approach, as they are important partners in supporting the recognition of a gender balanced approach to STEAM


The project will last 30 months from September 2023 until February 2026 with 3 coordination meetings (on-line and in presence) and with two training seminars focused on: theory and practices   about STEAM teaching models with the focus on the involvement of very young children, the gender balance perspective of STEAM and the use of natural materials. This seminar will be the starting point of a testing phase in preschools in Sweden, Italy, Portugal, and Belgium. The second seminar will be focused on emergent physics will lead the work to the creation of the vocabulary with physics verbs as STEAM as playmates.  


The project will develop 3 products, in response to the project objectives.

  • a co-designed conceptual framework applicable in all European nurseries/preschools interested in approaching STEAM topics for very young children, as well as the commitment to collect, exchange and test European practices transnationally
  • a shared booklet with guidelines for a European approach to STEAM will be produced.
  • vocabulary with physics verbs as STEAM as playmates, which will be composed of pictures of the children’s actions based on the collection of actions and practices described using everyday verbs and will be available in English and translated in Swedish, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch.
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