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The City of Ravenna is located in the Emilia-Romagna Region and has about 160.000 inhabitants. The Municipality of Ravenna has about 1.100 employees. It is the first Municipality in Italy (with more of 150.000 inhabitants) EMAS certificated. The Municipality of Ravenna is involved in several areas aimed at citizens of its territory: Municipal police and Civil protection; School, Youth and University; Environment, Land and Mobility; Business, Building and Enterprise; Social services; Home and Health; Culture; Sport and Leisure; Registry Office and Immigration; Decentralisation; Public communication and information, European Policies and International cooperation.
In the 5th century it used to be the capital of the Western Roman Empire of the Gothic Kingdom of Theoderic and of the Byzantine Empire. Its past glory is nowadays witnessed by 8 early Christian monuments enlisted in the Unesco’ World Heritage List and by many other historical and cultural attractions such as Dante’s grave. Tourism in Ravenna is also connected to the coast and to and to summer holidays as the town can offer 35 km of fully equipped sandy beaches. Besides the town’s economy can also count on its port traffic and connected industries, mainly represented by iron-and steel and chemical factories, and by rural activities. Ravenna is also a local campus of the ancient Bologna University, including a department on cultural heritage and four organisational units ranging from history to environmental science, to legal studies and chemistry.

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