The SERN Secretariat (currently based in Parma) has the task to ensure the effectiveness of the work carried out in the priority areas, to foster the development of the network and to assist the members in establishing intra-network contacts. The Secretariat also supports the statutory bodies (Assembly, Executive Board, Chairperson, Presidium and Board of Auditors) in order to ensure an effective functioning of the association.

The Secretariat is located in Stradone Martiti della Libertà 15 in Parma  – Tel. +39 0521 686023



Nicola Catellani – Network Coordinator

Nicola is the director of the  Secretariat and he is responsible the strategic development of the network, rleational woth institutional partners and stakeholders, EU funded projects in which SERN acts as a partner or project leader, external relations with stakeholders.

Mobile: +39 348 3892600


Laura Avanzi – Project Officer

Laura is mainly responsible for supporting the development of projects among the members as well as other tasks of general support to the activities of the Secretariat.

Mobile: +39 348 8786110


Ginevra Roli – Project Officer

Ginevra is project officer at SERN Secretariat. She is responsible for supporting members in the development and implementation of projects.

Mobile: +39 344 1183550


Federica Gravina – Project Officer

Federica is project officer at SERN Secretariat. She is responsible for implementation of the ongoing projects within SERN and for the development of new ones.

Mobile: +39 392 8695762




Members Area

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